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Delran Names Teacher of the Year Honorees

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The Delran Township Public Schools annouces its newest members of the Governor’s Teacher of the Year award!  Please read  below about Stacy Juliani, Laura Spaeth, Michelle Fiorini, Caitlin Como, Rose Larson and Brian Croly.  All honorees will be recognized by the Delran Township Board of Education on January 22, 2018.

Millbridge Elementary School Educator of the Year: Stacy Juliani

We are truly pleased to announce Stacy Juliani as the Millbridge Elementary School 2019 Teacher of the Year.  Stacy is a 2nd-grade special education inclusion and pull-out resource teacher.

As an outstanding educator, she works diligently to help her students make significant academic gains, but more importantly, she nurtures students who may be having difficulty socially or emotionally so they are able to develop the skills to be successful members of our learning community. Every interaction she has, whether it is with students, parents or staff, is filled with the compassion and patience. Stacy truly sees the best in every person and works diligently to help her students be the best version of themselves that they can be.

Stacy shares her expertise and knowledge in many capacities. She is a member of the Science committee, the building’s leadership team and has served on the I&RS team for the past several years. Stacy also chairs our building’s philanthropy committee, supporting our own Millbridge community and families and many worthwhile organizations including the Red Cross, Knights of Columbus and the GI Go Fund.

In her nominations, one of her colleagues stated that “ she is genuinely the kindest person that she has ever met”.  She was applauded in all nominations received for going above and beyond every day. These sentiments were echoed by a parent who shared that “she is the quintessential teacher and did everything she could to help my sons and his parents learn to navigate his learning challenges.”

It is for the reasons and many more that we are proud to recognize this year’s Teacher of the Year….Mrs. Stacy Juliani.

Delran Intermediate School Educator of the Year: Laura Spaeth

Mrs. Laura Spaeth has been a dedicated professional at DIS since 2006. During her years here, Laura has been an integral member of the school community.  She has served on the Language Arts and Science Committees. In addition, she has proven to be an extremely flexible and versatile educator. She has taught in general and special education settings, as well as in multiple grade levels at DIS.  Laura was a looping teacher two different times. She had to learn a brand new curriculum when heading down to third grade, and find ways to motivate the same group of students two consecutive years. This is no easy task, yet Laura achieved great success.

Mrs. Spaeth is an extremely positive presence here at DIS.  She is a teacher who is well respected by administration, her colleagues, and parents.  Most importantly, she inspires students of all backgrounds and abilities in her classroom.  Through Laura’s nurturing nature, she fosters an environment where every child feels respected and cared for.  Students feel confident to take risks and enjoy learning in her class. Mrs. Spaeth’s passion for teaching is contagious and her rapport with her students is second to none.  Not only does Mrs. Spaeth excel in meeting the emotional needs of her students, she is also an exceptionally skilled educator who sets high expectations for her students and provides them a rigorous education. Laura Spaeth is truly deserving of this honor. Congratulations Mrs. Spaeth on a job well done!




Delran Middle School Educator of the Year: Michelle Fiorini

Ms. Michele Fiorini is an exceptional language arts teacher. Ms. Fiorini is a wealth of knowledge in the world of reading and writing! She is firm, but kind, setting high expectations for her students. Ms. Fiorini is passionate about reading and writing. Her passion is relayed to the students and they too develop a love for reading, while becoming strong writers. Ms. Fiorini has established a classroom that is comfortable and students are supported and respected.

Ms. Fiorini’s responsibilities don’t end in the classroom. As a team leader for Team 7B, she organizes trips, activities, communicates with parents and supports the fellow educators on the team. As a language arts subject area leader, Ms. Fiorini assists Mrs. Baker, the language arts supervisor, with day to day needs at Delran Middle School. Ms. Fiorini guides and supports her colleagues as a Delran Education Association head representative. She is always willing to go the extra mile. The most favorite hat she wears, is that of the cheerleading coach. Ms. Fiorini shares her knowledge and excitement with the cheerleaders of DMS. Together, they support the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams. Ms. Fiorini is an all-around educator!

Ms. Fiorini exemplifies a true educator. She surpasses the criteria for the nomination. It is with great pleasure that I recommend Ms. Fiorini for Delran Middle School Teacher of the Year.


Delran High School-Educator of the Year: Caitlin Como

Mrs. Caitlin Como is a spectacular choice for this award due to her dedication and care for her students and profession.  A conservative radio pundit on 101.5 one day made the comment “If teachers taught like they were being observed everyday, we wouldn’t have an education crisis.” We wish that pundit would find his way to Room 218 because we are blessed to have a teacher, Mrs. Cait Como, who performs to the highest degree every day, every period.

It is not uncommon for her to reach out to colleagues on the weekend asking their opinion on a primary source or seeking feedback for a historic simulation. She plans all lessons carefully to not only engage her students, but also prepare them for the rigors of the Advanced Placement curricula. She has so much energy and passion about World History and Holocaust and Genocide Studies which makes the class both interesting and fun.  

There is never a dull moment and students learn a great deal in her class. Outside of the classroom, Mrs. Como has done so much to breathe new life into electives, and has helped to re-energize both Student Council and Mock Trial. She truly cares about her students and is supportive of their ideas and goals. She is always there if anyone needs help and support, either student or staff. She is affable, funny, and an important member of the DHS staff. Delran staff and students are lucky to have her as a resource!

DHS Como 1

Paraprofessional of the year–Rose Larson

Rose Larson has worked in the Delran school system for 17 years, many of these them working 1:1 with a special needs child.  For the past several years, Mrs. Larson has worked at DHS in many classrooms with a variety of students and staff. She always goes out of her way to assist all students regardless of their learning level.  When working with students, she is always kind and supportive. She has a positive attitude that makes students seek out her assistance. I have seen Mrs. Larson help and support students that are not in any classes with her, but they come to her knowing that she will help them with a math assignment or study for a test. Mrs. Larson is also a big supporter of DHS sports and activities and is seen at many DHS sporting events.

DHS Larson 1

District Educational Service Professional of the Year–Brian Croly

As a member of the DHS Guidance Department, Mr. Croly spends his days working directly with students on everything from academic counseling to scheduling to the college application process, and he has coached many students in various sports–both on an official and a volunteer basis–over the course of his tenure at DHS. Beyond that, however, students seek out Mr. Croly when they need help with personal issues they’re having both in and out of school. He is approachable, trustworthy, and compassionate, and I know first-hand that students appreciate his willingness to listen and his thoughtful responses to their questions and concerns.

Mr. Croly is also a member of the Burlington County Crisis Response Team, a role that requires him to respond to crisis situations both in our school and in other districts in the area. He helps students and staff cope with deaths and other devastating events, and his help in such situations is something that people remember and appreciate for years.  Classroom teachers do have experience dealing with students’ personal struggles—but also find it difficult to truly understand the emotional impact that being a crisis response team member must have on the professionals who voluntarily put themselves in these situations. They are responsible for making sure students and staff are okay–but seldom do people think to ask the counselors themselves if they’re okay. Counseling is a selfless endeavor, and we know that Mr. Croly always puts others’ needs before his own.

Though Mr. Croly’s primary responsibility is to serve his students, he is widely respected as a colleague by the DHS faculty and staff. He has participated, over the years, on many building- and district-level committees, and he is someone his colleagues confide in because of his experiences and his approachability. He is a building representative for the Delran Education Association, and in that role, he has worked to represent the association’s members and facilitate and maintain positive relationships with all stakeholders in our district. He is always fair, objective and diplomatic in his approach, and as with every other aspect of his job, he understands that the best and most meaningful progress toward our collective goal of student success is made through collaboration and partnerships.

Overall, Brian Croly is an invaluable member of the DHS staff and a true advocate for the students in our district. He is a humble and consummate professional who never seeks or expects recognition, but he undoubtedly deserves to be honored as this year’s Educational Services Professional of the year.


School Security Initiatives Funded by 2018-2019 Board of Education Budget

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Each and every day you send your children to our District schools with the full expectation that they receive a thorough and complete education in facilities that are safe, secure and run efficiently.  The Board of Education takes the core values of safety and security extremely seriously and has prioritized its budget for the 2018-2019 school year to fully fund important safety and security initiatives.

The items of armed security services, security vestibules, additional personnel to inform security and following the Uniform Memorandum of Agreement between Law Enforcement and School Officials remains at the forefront of our work in this area and are described below.

Armed Security Services:  Last evening the Delran Township Board of Education awarded a competitive contract to K.D. National Force Security & Investigations, LLC. to provide armed security services to all District schools. I would like to point out the depth and breadth of the commitment and resolve of the Board of Education regarding their universal belief in providing services and assurances for the safety of all students and staff members.  The award of an armed security contract only reinforces that. I thank all members of the Board of Education regarding their important work in this area of providing for our children.

The District will be hosting an Open House in the DHS Cafeteria on August 28, 2018 from 5:30pm to 6:45pm whereupon you will hear more about the armed security services role and personally meet the School Security Specialists assigned to each school through K.D. National Force Security & Investigations.

Security Vestibules: Millbridge and Delran Intermediate School have defined security vestibules.  In its 2018-2019 budget, the Board allocated funding for the construction of security vestibules at Delran High School and Delran Middle School.  In the coming months the development of formalized plans will be articulated for these two projects. Additionally, The Board is currently engaged in a competitive grant process for a portion of the costs for the Delran High School project to be funded by the Burlington County Freeholders.

District Security Manager and District Security Specialist:  The Board has also prioritized the appointment of District personnel in its 2018-2019 budget in the area of safety and security.  First, the Board has continued to fund a District Security Manager, staffed by a former law enforcement officer as well as a District Security Specialist who, by law, is a practicing school administrator.  Mr. Howard Davenport and DHS Assistant Principal Mr. Brian Stolarick will continue in these roles and will work collaboratively with K.D. National Force Security & Investigations as well as the Delran Township Police Department in all areas of security.

Uniform Memorandum of Agreement between Law Enforcement and School Officials:  Annually, all school administrators are trained in the annual agreement between law enforcement and school officials regarding language changes and new trends.  This document and agreement solidifies our sterling working relationship with the Delran Township Police Department and memorializes how the District conducts its coordination with local law enforcement in order to ensure the safety and security of all students and staff members in the District.

Above all, on behalf of the Board of Education, I thank you for entrusting the District with your children and reinforce that should areas of interest regarding safety and security arise please feel free to reach out to the District at your convenience.

BBB Signature

Brian Brotschul, Ed. D.

Superintendent of Schools

School Funding Update

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July 27, 2018

Dear Parents, Guardians and District Stakeholders:

The Delran Township Board of Education has received official notice from the New Jersey Department of Education that $970,950 in additional aid for use during the 2018-2019 school year has been allocated to the District.  

This funding is in addition to an initial increase of $625,884 that was made available to the District in its state aid notification this past March and was included in the final budget adoption in May.  In total, the District received an increase of $1,596,834 in which to encumber and utilize.

I write to outline recent actions taken by the Delran Township Board of Education.  At the July 23, 2018 meeting of the Board of Education, the additional funding was presented to the Board by the Administration along with options regarding its future use.

The Board of Education was presented with a recommendation to enhance curriculum, operations, classroom supplies, student activities/athletics and personnel.  The Board approved the additional funding to be allocated in order to support the following areas:

  • Personnel ($170,000): Reading Specialist, Substance Abuse Coordinator
  • Student Activities and Athletics ($60,000): DMS Wrestling mats and K-2 playground enhancements
  • Classroom Supplies ($21,000): K-8 teacher supplies
  • Operations ($667,950): K-12 STEM Lab infrastructure, instructional technology and hardware, security supplies and DHS air conditioning upgrades
  • Curriculum ($52,000): Support for professional development, language arts, performance arts instruments and special education programming

During the past school year the Board of Education engaged in multiple examinations regarding its budget and its impact on the taxpayers in its public meetings.  As an example, one year ago the District received an additional $867,558 in funding from the State. At the time it was my recommendation to encumber the funding and allow it to “work” for the residents in future budgets.  

Due to decisions that were approved by the Board last July, the overall tax impact for the 2018-2019 budget was able to be reduced from $127 for the average assessed home in 2017-2018 to $65 for the average assessed home in 2018-2019.  Consequently, the tax growth is half as much as it had been in years past due to the manner in which the Administration and Board applied additional funding. A true feat given the fact that we were able to enhance programs for students and opportunities for the District at the same time.

By voting to continue encumbering the additional funding the Board judiciously improved the 2019-2020 budget outlook and overall impact to the taxpayers rather than offering a smaller reduction of the tax levy now while, at the same time, improving opportunities for the District.

Additionally, Governor Phil Murphy approved a legislative bill that will significantly improve school funding in Delran Township over the long-term.  Between now and 2025 Delran Township will benefit from significant additional funding that was advocated so diligently by the residents from Delran over several years.  Should you have any questions about the 2018-2019 budget please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience.


BBB Signature

Brian Brotschul, Ed. D.

Superintendent of Schools

Christine DeSimone Appointed as Director of Curriculum and Instruction

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During the spring the District engaged in a search for a Director of Curriculum and Instruction to replace Kari McGann, who was recently appointed as the Superintendent in Flemington-Raritan School District.

Christine DeSimone has been appointed by the Board of Education to serve as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction.  

Mrs. DeSimone currently serves the District as the current Supervisor of Social Studies, Instructional Technology, and Visual, Performing and Culinary Arts and has done so since 2014.  She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. She then attended West Chester University where she received an M.Ed in Secondary Education with a concentration in Social Studies education. She also has earned a M.A in Administration and Leadership from Georgian Court University in addition to completing all coursework and testing requirements for the School Administrator certificate from the New Jersey Department of Education.

Christine began her teaching career in the Cobb County School System outside of Atlanta, Georgia where she taught both middle and high school social studies, coached varsity cheerleading and was a student government advisor for three years. She was named an AT&T technology grant award winner as well as the Marietta Junior Chamber of Commerce grant to infuse technology in the classroom by teaching students how to use the Internet.

Although she loved Georgia, she moved back home to be closer to her family. She continued her educational career at Northern Burlington County Regional School District where she taught 8th Grade Social Studies and continued coaching cheerleading.  She served as the head of their professional development committee for the district as well as being a middle school team leader during her 14 year tenure there.

Christine was excited to start her administrative career here in Delran in 2014.  In addition to her many responsibilities, she serves as the head of the District Technology Committee. Christine has a true passion for infusing technology across all disciplines and is proud of the work that the committee and the technology integrationists are doing to implement our District Technology Plan through high quality professional development.  

Christine recently presented with Cara Davis and Sharon Kernan at Techspo 2018 sponsored by the New Jersey Association of School Administrators on utilizing Google to support English Language Learners in the classroom. She is heavily involved in our collaborative leadership initiative in conjunction with Rutgers University to strengthen labor-management relations in addition to leading teachers and practitioners in the authoring of over 70 curricula since beginning her work in Delran.

Outside of the district, Christine is on the executive board of the NJ Council for the Social Studies, a member of the New Jersey Social Studies Supervisors Association, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association as well as New Jersey Association of School Administrators.

Please join me in congratulating Mrs. DeSimone in her new role!


BBB Signature

Brian Brotschul, Ed. D.



Delran Governor’s Educators of the Year to be Recognized

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At the Delran Township Board of Education meeting on January 22, 2018 the following teachers, service providers and paraprofessionals will be recognized by the Board for being named Governor’s Educators of the Year honorees:

  • April Wallis – Millbridge Elementary School
  • Cara Davis – Delran Intermediate School
  • Erin Gupta – Delran Middle School
  • Brian Brzozowski – Delran High School
  • Michelle Kerper – Education Service Professional
  • Jeanne Chiaccio – Paraprofessional

Please read below to learn more about these accomplished educators.

April Wallis – Millbridge Elementary School

We are truly pleased to announce April Wallis as the Millbridge Elementary School‘s 2018 Teacher of the Year.  April is a special education teacher.

April routinely goes above and beyond for her students and colleagues.   She is a compassionate and patient teacher who is known for doing a remarkable job helping students who are experiencing learning challenges discover their strengths and she fosters an environment that allows them to succeed. In one of her nominations, a colleague shared that “Her creative flair leads to the production of innovative lessons that address the diverse learning styles within her classroom.”

She models what it means to be a lifelong learner and is continually seeking new knowledge and learning new techniques and strategies to support her students on a wide array of relevant topics such as educational technology, student motivation, classroom management and ways to support the dyslexic learner. She has served as a mentor teacher to aspiring and new teachers and often will take the initiative to offer colleagues materials or resources that will help them better reach a struggling student.

April routinely serves the larger Millbridge community in numerous capacities including being a member of the DEA’s rep council, serving on curriculum committees including most recently the science committee, being an active member of the special education Parent Advisory Committee,and serving as an I&RS representative. She often volunteers her time at community events such as the PTA’s Fall Festival and the DEF’s Harlem Wizards event.

One of her colleagues stated that her “students are fortunate to have her as a teacher. Her knowledge in the area of special education sets her apart as a master teacher”.  Another nomination stated that “The Delran community is fortunate to have her dedication and excellent work ethic.”  The sentiments continued to be echoed by another coworker who stated “It is truly inspiring to witness an educator with such a passion for the profession.”

It is for the reasons and many more that we are proud to recognize this year’s Teacher of the Year….Ms. April Wallis.

Cara Davis: Delran Intermediate School

We are truly pleased to announce Cara Davis as the Delran Intermediate School 2018 Teacher of the Year.

Miss Davis has been a dedicated professional at DIS since 2009. Cara holds numerous roles in the district including:

  • Google certified instructor
  • DHS musical director
  • Math Committee member
  • District Technology Committee member
  • SCIP Committee member
  • New teacher mentor
  • Professional development provider
  • Fourth Grade Teacher

Miss Davis is extremely enthusiastic and a positive asset here at DIS.  She has an excellent rapport with her fourth grade students, and embraces positive behavioral supports in the classroom.  

To quote a former student, “Miss Davis just really GETS me!” She works endlessly to meet the academic and emotional needs of her students.  

Miss Davis has also cultivated a level of respect amongst her colleagues.  She has developed resources to help teachers with ESL instruction. A large number of staff members have attended her sessions on how to use Google in their classrooms.  Her knowledge is a vital resource as we move to a more technology-driven climate.

Having piloted My Math here at DIS, she has become a go-to person for her peers. Miss Davis lives life to the fullest, both inside and outside of the classroom.  Her energy and passion are contagious!  Congratulations Miss Davis on a job well done!

Erin Gupta – Delran Middle School

Mrs. Erin Gupta is an exceptionally talented teacher of music. When you meet Mrs. Gupta, her passion and love for music shines through. Her warm smile and her kind ways make students feel comfortable and accepted.

Walking into Mrs. Gupta’s classroom, you will find the students engaged and on task. She assists students as they embrace the wonderful world of music. Mrs. Gupta is firm, yet playful. She respects her students and, in turn, they exhibit the same respect. Mrs. Gupta accommodates students’ needs, offers a caring helping hand and brings out the best in all of her students.

Mrs. Gupta’s responsibilities don’t end in the classroom. She is the choir director to a prodigious choir. With a wide range of abilities and talent, Mrs. Gupta works her magic! She has students overflowing the classroom and every one of them is listening intently to her instruction. The time and effort Mrs. Gupta puts into her job is evident! Year after year, under Mrs. Gupta’s guidance, we can guarantee beautiful choir concerts, as well as an award-winning choir.  Additionally, Delran Middle School has benefited from many years of having Mrs. Gupta as a co-director of our spring musicals.  Combining her creativity on the stage with her love of music, Mrs. Gupta has helped to direct entertaining and talented performances in front of sold out audiences!

As a colleague, Mrs. Gupta is accommodating and supportive. She is always willing to go the extra mile for her coworkers, as well as her students. Mrs. Gupta surpasses the criteria for this nomination. It is with great pride that we honor Mrs. Erin Gupta for Delran Middle School Teacher of the Year.

Brian Brzozowski – Delran High School

Brian Brzozowski is a consummate professional, working each day to inspire his students to achieve greatness.  He is described by his students as an excellent teacher filled with enthusiasm and energy.  

Brian is a teacher of special education teacher at Delran High School, specializing in the field of mathematics.

He has the innate ability to motivate the unmotivated students through perseverance and having a never-give-up attitude.  He truly believes and embodies the concept that every child can learn and he ensures that it occurs at a high level.  

Mr. Brzozowski is completely accessible to his students, nurturing and encouraging through every academic exercise.  He also participates in many activities outside of the classroom, believing that being a part of student’s lives must extend beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Michelle Kerper – Education Service Professional

Mrs. Kerper serves as a Behaviorist for the Delran school district.  She is an exceptional person who goes above and beyond daily to serve the students of our district. While she is a BCBA for the Grade 1-2 Autism classroom overseeing their current ABA programs, she is also involved in supporting colleagues and students throughout the entire district.  She has spearheaded the RBT training to provide professional development for Paraprofessionals working with our students daily.  She has implemented collaboration meetings between educational service providers and teachers on a bi-monthly basis to help support students effectively and encourage an open cooperative dialogue among colleagues to work together and ensure our students are successful.  Michelle’s support extends throughout our school district for students and staff.

Mrs. Kerper’s personal demeanor towards colleagues, paraprofessionals and all students she services is unmatched.  Mrs. Kerper carries this positive presentation over when she is working with parents, even when the message she needs to convey is challenging.  Mrs. Kerper truly integrates the traits of sincerity, integrity and genuine warmth into every conversation and feedback conference she attends- she ensures that one leaves a meeting understanding their role in helping a child succeed.  

Mrs. Kerper uses methods, strategies and ideas that are cutting edge, with research based support that is current and effective.  Her implementation of behavior plans doesn’t end with the initial protocol but is monitored and modified if needed; to provide both the educator and the student with the most relevant plan/idea that will guarantee success.

Mrs. Kerper is an amazing staff member that really stands out as an outstanding educational service provider.  Her caring nature, calm and encouraging demeanor along with her knowledge and integrity are truly exceptional!  It is with great pleasure that we recognize Michelle Kerper as the 2017-2018 Educational Service Professional of the Year!

Jeanne Chiaccio – Paraprofessional

Jeanne Chiaccio has a heart of gold and is happiest and most fulfilled when she is “making a difference” and working in a position that provides her the opportunity to support students.  

After teaching Kindergarten at St. Paul’s School in Burlington City for 26 years, her position was eliminated due to low enrollment.  Jeanne could not imagine each day without children, so she accepted a position, in 2011, as a cafeteria aide at DIS.  Because her strong teaching and management skills were extremely underutilized, she moved into the position of a district paraprofessional.  Since 2012, Mrs. Chiaccio has successfully worked with several students, with varying disabilities, in the capacity of a one-on-one/classroom aide.  

Mrs. Chiaccio, when working with a student, does all that she can to fully understand that student’s needs,  provide unwavering support, and build a strong rapport.  With whichever teacher Mrs. Chiaccio has worked, each has benefited by having someone who will do whatever is needed to support the teacher and the students to ensure that the classroom environment is optimal for learning.

Mrs. Chiaccio’s warm, peaceful yet high-spirited, child-centered ,and community minded ways enhance our school community; we are thrilled that she is part of our staff.  So, we, at Delran Intermediate School, are truly pleased to announce Jeanne Chiaccio as the 2018 Paraprofessional of the Year.



Residency Re-Certification Process Information

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November 14, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Delran Township Board of Education takes safety and security seriously and has supported the recommendation for a Security Manager position in the 2017-2018 operating budget.  To that end, the Board developed expectations that include topics regarding school security in order to allow for seamless oversight in this area so we can protect our children and staff members.

In September, Mr. Howard Davenport, formerly a Lieutenant with the Delran Police Department, began to serve the district as its Security Manager.  With this position, the Board endeavors to have increased oversight of all areas of emergency preparedness, a representative to serve as a liaison between the district and local law enforcement and to conduct all investigations of student residency.

As we progress in the area of student residency, all district families currently enrolled in grade 2, grade 5 and grade 8 are being asked to re-certify their residency during the 2017-2018 school year.  Below you can find logistical information regarding completing this requirement in advance of the 2018-2019 school year.

Residency re-certification for children currently enrolled in grade 2, grade 5 and grade 8 will be done by appointment and must be completed by March 1, 2018. Appointments will be held December through February with morning and afternoon time slots to choose from. Please visit our district website at and click on the Residency Re-certification link to choose the appointment date and time that works for you. All appointments will be held at the Delran Board of Education Building located at 52 Hartford Road in Delran.

For those interested, there will be appointments available on Wednesday evenings as outlined below.  To confirm an evening appointment, please email Jenny Schenski ( 

Evening appointments can be made up until 6:30 pm on the following days: 

  • December: 6, 13, 20
  • January 3, 10, 17, 24
  • February 14, 21, 28

You will need to bring photo identification with you to your appointment as well as provide three (3) original documents  to establish proof of residency in Delran:

  • One (1) PRIMARY proof of residencyExample: Current signed lease agreement, property mortgage bill dated in the last 60 days, property tax or sewer bill dated in the last 60 days, property Deed.
  • Two (2) SECONDARY proofs of residency

Example: Utility bill (gas, electric, water, cable) dated in the last 60 days, paycheck stub, homeowners/renters insurance, car insurance.

If you have any questions regarding the documentation you need to provide or setting up an appointment, please contact Jenny Schenski at 856-461-6800, ext. 1025.


Brian Brotschul, Ed. D.

Superintendent of Schools


  1. Please go to our district website,, and click on the blue link for “Residency Recertification Appointment”
  2. You will be taken to the appointment sign-up page where you can choose the date and time slot you prefer for your appointment. Check off the “Sign Up” box and click “Submit and Sign up”
  3. On the next page you will need to fill out the required information.  If you have more than one student in the Delran School District, please list their names in the “Name of Student(s)” box and choose “Quantity” of 1 to indicate you only need one appointment.  You will not need multiple appointments for multiple children.
  4. Please continue to fill in the information required and click “Sign Up Now”.  
  5. Once you have completed the signup process you will receive a confirmation of your appointment day and time. A reminder email will also be sent to you two days prior to your appointment.

School Funding Update

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August 1, 2017

Dear Parents, Guardians and District Stakeholders:

The Delran Township Board of Education has received official notice from the New Jersey Department of Education that $867,558 in additional aid for use during the 2017-2018 school year has been allocated to the District.  To be clear, this is useful to the District, however it falls short of what the school funding formula indicates the District should receive in order to be “fully funded.”

I write to outline recent actions taken by the Delran Township Board of Education as we prepare for future use.  At the July 31, 2017 meeting of the Board of Education, additional funding was presented as were options regarding its future use:

  • Tax Levy Reduction of $867,558
    • In this model, if the tax levy was reduced by $867,558 there would be a savings of $65 for the average assessed home in Delran.  This model offers an initial giveback to the taxpayers, only to potentially adopt a 2018-2019 budget with a tax increase.
  • Tax Levy Reduction of $437,558
    • In this model, if the tax levy was reduced by $437,558 (with $430,000 of the funding being appropriated in our 2017-2018 budget lines) a current year savings of $32 for the average assessed home in Delran would be realized for the taxpayer, only to potentially adopt a 2018-2019 budget with a tax increase.
  • Full Appropriation of $867,558 in 2017-2018 Budget
    • In this model, the allocation of $867,558 applied in the 2017-2018 budget would potentially allow us to reduce the 2018-2019 budget due to increases in salaries, health benefits and operations.
  • Approval
    • During the July 31, 2017 meeting of the Board a resolution was approved to fully appropriate $867,558 in the 2017-2018 budget as a mechanism to better prepare taxpayers in Delran Township as we engage in the process of drafting the 2018-2019 budget.

After consultation with our auditing firm, Inverso and Stewart, $867,558 was placed into operations, maintenance and special education account lines for the current budget year.

In essence, the Board approved a resolution that judiciously improves the 2018-2019 budget outlook and overall impact to the taxpayers rather than offering a smaller reduction of the tax levy now.

Looking Ahead

As we plan for the 2018-2019 budget the District is obligated to $648,000 in negotiated salary increases, $189,000 in operational increases and $100,000 in health care cost projections.  Understanding these variables as we plan for the future has guided our decision making process.

Without the community support behind the District with local and state legislators this initial funding would not have been realized.  Certainly, engaging with legislators has been a difficult, and long, process.  We will continue to advocate for all of the taxpayers and children of Delran Township as we move forward and keep the school community informed.

Should you have any questions about the 2017-2018 budget or our fight for fair school funding, please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience.


BBB Signature

Brian Brotschul, Ed. D.

Superintendent of Schools

Summer Personnel Announcement – New Administrators at DMS and Student Services

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This evening the Board of Education approved Mr. Mike McHale to serve as an Assistant Principal and Delran Middle School and Mrs. Valerie Bowers to serve as the Supervisor of Special Education.  Below are introductions.

Mike McHale Introduction

Mike McHale graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Saint Joseph’s University in 1998.  Upon graduation, he decided to change his career plans and matriculated into Stockton College and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education, in 2000.  During his time at Stockton, he assisted as a classroom aide in a second and third grade self-contained special education classroom and as a one-to-one aide for an emotionally disturbed boy in a multiple handicapped classroom.

He finalized his teacher preparation program after student teaching in a fourth grade regular education classroom, in the fall of 2000.  Beginning in the spring of 2001, Mike taught in a fourth grade, self-contained special education classroom and as a pull-out resource and in-class resource teacher during the 2001-2002 school year.

Mike was hired as a mathematics teacher in the Delran Middle school during the summer of 2002 by James Duda.  During his time in Delran, he has taught seventh grade mathematics in on-level and accelerated classes.  For more than a decade, Mike has been the team leader of Team 7A, the Lambda Lions.  The team was led with great success, creating team days, interdisciplinary lessons, field trips, and fundraisers.

Mike also served on several committees, wrote curriculum, analyzed data, launched new district-wide data analysis software, and led the special education department in analyzing student data.  He also proctored general detention, was a sustainability manager, and coached the middle school basketball team.

In 2010 Mike completed a Masters in Educational Leadership degree at Rowan University.

Mike and his wife have two daughters and reside in Haddon Township.

 Valerie Bowers Introduction

Mrs. Bowers is a versatile special education teacher with more than a decade of experience.  She has spent 11 years in the Haddon Township School District teaching reading, writing, and math to special education students.  Mrs. Bowers has served as Head Teacher at Jennings Elementary for seven years, giving her the opportunity to partner with the principal, including handling his role and responsibilities in his absence as he has been assigned multiple roles in the district.    Among the experience gained in this position were HIB Coordination, discipline, community interaction, and chairing meetings.  Mrs. Bower has also served on the Response To Intervention and Intervention & Referral Services Teams for the past eight years, providing direct, hands-on support to fellow teachers in the classroom.

Extremely comfortable in all academic settings, Mrs. Bowers has a passion for extracurricular activities and interaction.  Among her accomplishments include:

  • Coordinating and teaching the Extended School Year Program for the past three summers;
  • Establishing and cultivating a Book Club;
  • Founding and fostering a Fitness Club;
  • Organizing, submitting, and ultimately winning the Philadelphia Phillies’ Phanatic About Reading Program.

Recognizing the importance of advancing technology, Mrs. Bowers volunteered to participate in several technology-based initiatives, including an iPad pilot, PARCC data analysis, implementation of many new special education programs, and a new standards/goals based report card.

Other highlights of Mrs. Bowers’ career include being fully trained in CPR, First Aide, EpiPen, and Rapid Response; being an active member of the Jennings PTA; and serving as a Lunch and Breakfast Supervisor.

Mrs. Bowers’ previously worked for Burlington County Family Service as a Mentor/Behavioral Assistant for teens living in extremely stressful situations.  In this role, she worked closely with DYFS, putting many young people back on the road to successful school careers.  Mrs. Bowers remains active with this organization via Christmas, backpack, and prom dress drives every year.

Mrs. Bowers recently completed the NJEXCEL Program, receiving Supervisory and Principal Certifications.  She also has Teacher of the Handicapped, Elementary, and Reading Certifications, in addition to a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts and a Master’s Degree in the Science of Teaching and is certified to be a Supervisor and Principal.

Mrs. Bowers and her husband have two children and reside in Haddon Township.

Please join me in welcoming both Mike and Valerie to the District.

2017 Lead Testing – Follow Up

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As a follow up to the lead testing performed in April, 2017, the District was required to perform additional testing for outlets that initially tested for elevated levels of lead. Below please find the testing results for the lead in water testing, following repairs to impacted outlets:

  • Delran Middle School: Additional testing not required
  • Delran Intermediate School:  All confirmation samples taken after remedial actions/repair are acceptable. As an additional remediation measure, the food services staff will flush all sinks and kettle before use.
  • Millbridge School:  One sample in the library break room is still above the established EPA action level for lead, requiring further action. Given that the sink is rarely used, we are going to disconnect and remove the sink in addition to capping the pipe with supplies the water to that location.
  • High School: The two water fountains outside the cafeteria and theater (water fountains in the original construction) will be disconnected from use as they continue to test at elevated levels.  The water line in the ceiling will be capped and the fountain removed from use.

If you have any questions regarding this process or the results, please contact Mike DiGiovanni, Director of Support Services, at 856-461-5001.  As always, I am available for consult, as well, at