2017 Lead Testing – Follow Up

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As a follow up to the lead testing performed in April, 2017, the District was required to perform additional testing for outlets that initially tested for elevated levels of lead. Below please find the testing results for the lead in water testing, following repairs to impacted outlets:

  • Delran Middle School: Additional testing not required
  • Delran Intermediate School:  All confirmation samples taken after remedial actions/repair are acceptable. As an additional remediation measure, the food services staff will flush all sinks and kettle before use.
  • Millbridge School:  One sample in the library break room is still above the established EPA action level for lead, requiring further action. Given that the sink is rarely used, we are going to disconnect and remove the sink in addition to capping the pipe with supplies the water to that location.
  • High School: The two water fountains outside the cafeteria and theater (water fountains in the original construction) will be disconnected from use as they continue to test at elevated levels.  The water line in the ceiling will be capped and the fountain removed from use.

If you have any questions regarding this process or the results, please contact Mike DiGiovanni, Director of Support Services, at 856-461-5001.  As always, I am available for consult, as well, at bbrotschul@delranschools.org.