A Look Back at DHS Commencement

Last Friday evening, the Delran Township Board of Education awarded diplomas to over 200 graduates from Delran High School.  Below are a compilation of speeches, photos and a link to the ceremony.

Julia Ma, Valedictorian Speech

Robbie Wachter, Salutatorian Speech

Caitlyn Cauley, Senior Speaker Speech

Mr. Finkle Speech

Dr. Brotschul Speech

Commencement Video (Aerial)

Commencement Video (Full)

Congratulations to the Class of 2016!

Photos below courtesy of the Burlington County Times



Julia Ma, Robbie Wachter Lead Class of 2016

At the Delran High School Awards Night on June 2, 2016 DHS seniors Julia Ma and Robbie Wachter were named the Valedictorian and Salutatorian, respectively, for the Class of 2016.  In addition, they were joined by Brenden Rafanello, who was named the Sophomore Class Award Winner as the student ranked #3 in the class of 2016 as well as Trent Thomas, who was named the Freshman Class Award Winner as the student ranked #4 in the class of 2016.

Julia and Robbie will have the honor of addressing the classmates and attendees at Commencement on June 17, 2016 as speakers.


DHS Awards Evening: Students Recognized for Excellence

On June 2, 2016 Delran High School held its annual awards night honoring scores of students and awarding tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships.  Look below for information on award winners!


This award is given only to seniors who have demonstrated outstanding service to Delran High School by their participation in class or club activities.  This award requires nomination by a class or activity advisor.


Nyrobi Barnes
Emma Blosfelds
Cody Bowyer
Antonio Carollo
Caitlin Cauley
Paulo Claure
Megan Croly
Brianna DeLizzio
Emma Essenmacher
Josephine Garcia
Lyndsey Guarino
Robert Guarino
Edgar Hasson
Matthew Heisler
Rebecca Howard
Kristen Kerstetter
Nicole Kibbe
Timothy Koger
Jordan Lindsey
Sarah Lloyd-Slifkin
Brandon Murphy
Nicolette Palombo
Devin Rolon
Alison Saracino
Julia Stenn
Michael Strohlein
Brianna Taylor
Trent Thomas
Robert Wachter



This award recognizes students who have contributed to DHS and the community in a positive way.  They have promoted the school’s image of excellence, spirit, and pride.  The #1 Club Award is given for overall contribution, not necessarily upon performance, and may be the “Unsung Hero” of an organization.  Membership is permanent.  Once admitted, a member may not be nominated again, even by a different organization. 


Emma Blosfelds
Kathleen Burrough
Caitlin Cauley
Hannah Chapin
Anthony Codispoti
Megan Croly
Saige Defreitas
Kelly Deschaine
Robert Fagan
Josephine Garcia
Deana Giles
Gabrielle Gizzi
Jacqueline Grillo
Jada Grisson
Nicholas Hackimer
Emily Hagmaier
Dakota Hunter
Nicole Kibbe
Jayson Miller
Morgan Miller
Jack O’Donnell
Beverly Passos
Arianna Quinlan
Colin Rafferty
Philip Rogers
Sharod Sanders
Lillian Schlosky
Timothy Sharpley
Seherzada Softic
Jacob Sundermier
Samantha Suter
Mary Taylor
Kimberly Tran



This award recognizes students who have maintained straight A’s for all three marking periods this school year.  This is a very select group.  It is extremely difficult to maintain this excellence in a school with a demanding curriculum. 


Christina Arroyo
Rachel Boland
Caitlin Cauley
Brianna DeLizzio
Lyndsey Guarino
Robert Guarino
Sarah Lloyd-Slifkin
Julia Ma
Dominic Profera
Brenden Rafanello
Kyle Robinson
Brianna Taylor
Trent Thomas
Victoria Abrams
Sydney Coldren
Danielle Feldman
Matthew Murphy
Nicholas Puleo
Jacob Sundermier
Anissa Spano
Noah Biluck
Kayla Cranmer
Stephen Grello
Michael Ipri
Haleigh Olsen
Hayden Snyder
Joseph Sundermier
Katherine Traveras
Nicole Ucheya
Lordes Ulloa



Valedictorian: Julia Ma

Salutatorian:   Robert Wachter


Art Department Awards

Excellence in Drawing:                        Brianna DeLizzio      

Excellence in Painting:                         Isaiah Taliaferro

Excellence in Sculpture:          Nyrobi Barnes

Excellence in Ceramics:           Hosea Untoro

Excellence in Sketchbook:       Stephanie Mateus

Excellence in Mixed Media:    Abigail Lowe

Graphic Design Logo & Corporate Identity Award:  David Holt

Graphic Design Illustration Award:  Megan Croly

Video Production Young Filmmaker Award:  Jonathan Miller

Excellence in Photography:  Meghan Schiereck


Business Technology Department Awards

Creative Marketing Strategist for Excellence in Sales, Promotion & Marketing Campaign Execution: Elena Hill and Michael Allibone

Outstanding Cooperative Marketing Education Student: Ryan Albertson and Robert Guarino

Advertising Executive of the Year for Excellence in Sales, Promotion & Marketing Campaign Execution: Caitlyn Sheltman and Dominic Profera

Business Executive of the Year for Excellence in Accounting:  Brianna Taylor and Ryan Strauss


English Department Award:  Sarah Lloyd-Slifkin


Family & Consumer Science Department Awards

Excellence in Culinary Arts: Josephine Garcia


Music Senior Awards

Excellence in Band:     Brandon Murphy                   

Excellence in Choir:    Julia Frizzie 


Music Department Service Awards

Band Service Award:   Brandon Murphy                   

Choral Service Award:             Lucia Villatoro


Health & Physical Education Department Award: Ryan Hoffman


Social Studies Department Award

Excellence in European History:                      Sara Lloyd-Slifkin     

Excellence in American History:                     Robert Wachter

Excellence in Government & Politics:             Julia Ma

Excellence in World History:                           Tyler Heffernen

Social Studies Department Senior Award:       Suraja Brkic


Community Service Award:  Taylor Washington


Technology Education Department Awards

Excellence in Woodworking:               Anthony Capozzoli

Excellence in Computer Programming:            John Nestor


Mathematics Department Awards

Excellence in Calculus:                        Julia Ma and Kimberly Tran

Excellence in Statistics:                        Brenden Rafanello and Cody Bowyer

College Math Award:               Enidyaj Turner and Leah Henry


Science Department Awards

Excellence in Biology:                             Julia Ma

Excellence in Microbiology:                     Brennen Seville

Excellence in Anatomy & Physiology:     Brianna DeLizzio

Excellence in Chemistry:                          Antonio Carollo

Excellence in Physics:                              Trent Thomas

Excellence in Forensic Science:               Rachel Boland

Excellence in Earth Sciences:                   Maria Chinnici

Best Overall Science Student:                   Julia Ma


Student Council Award: Matthew Heisler


World Language Department Awards

French:            Jessica Brown

German:           Josephine Garcia

Spanish:           Sarah Lloyd-Slifkin



  1. The Delran Middle/High School PTA Awards presented to the following students:

Female All-Round: Julia Ma                                 Male All-Round: Robert Wachter

Art Student:  Nyrobi Barnes                                 Business Student:  Andrew Madera

Co-op Industrial Student: Robert Guarino                        Most Academically Improved: Edgar Hasson

Entering Military:  Brian Beck, Christopher Pfeffer, and Michael Strohlein


  1. The American Legion Post 146 Award presented to Essenmacher and Zachary Pulley who have demonstrated the qualities of courage, honor, leadership, patriotism, scholarship and service.


  1. The Delran Township Board of Education Award presented to Louis Nocito for his dedication, perseverance, enthusiasm and service to the Delran Township Board of Education.


  1. The Delran Education Association Margaret A. Gessmann Scholarship presented to Leigh Anne Chappell and Kristen Kerstetter for academic achievement and who are pursuing a career in education.


  1. The Delran Education Association Scholarship presented to Robert Guarino for exhibiting outstanding business skills.


  1. The Delran Education Association Scholarship presented to Anthony Capozzoli for exhibiting outstanding Cooperative Industrial Technology skills.
  2. The James Duda Memorial Administrators Award presented to Arbazkhan Pathan who has demonstrated scholarship, responsibility, leadership, initiative, cooperation and service.


  1. The NutriServ Inc. Award presented to Josephine Garcia who has excelled in the field of dietary and/or culinary fields.


  1. The Susan Rodgers Memorial Award presented to Ludimila Silva for her hard work in overcoming a language barrier to achieve academic success and her commitment to continuing her education.


  1. The Polish-American Citizens Club of Delran Award presented to Joseph Kowaleski for academic achievement and his commitment to continuing his education.


  1. The Anne Perritt Micaletti Memorial Scholarship presented by the Perritt family to Brianna DeLizzio who will be entering the medical field upon college graduation.


  1. The Delran Fraternal Order of Police & Lodge #230 Award presented to Emma Blosfelds and Emily Dimond for planning a career in law enforcement, criminal justice or forensics.


  1. The Justin Cowen Memorial Scholarship presented to Nicolette Palumbo in recognition of her academic achievement and commitment to continuing her education.


  1. The Delran Wrestling Club Award presented to Dakota Hunter a graduating wrestler with the highest GPA.


  1. The John Kostic Memorial Scholarship Award presented by the Memorial Foundation to Jordan Hamlin who demonstrated academic excellence in mathematics, community service and leadership.


  1. The John Neumann Knights of Columbus Award presented to Megan Croly and Olivia Biluck who demonstrated outstanding leadership, character and academic success.


  1. The Zachary Romanet Memorial Scholarship Award presented to Brianna Taylor & Michael Allibone who have demonstrated achievement in athletics, exhibited outstanding leadership skills and participated in other school activities.


  1. The Delran Historical Society Scholarship Award presented to Lyndsey Guarino who completed 4 years of Social Studies, was involved in the History Club and/or Student Council and demonstrated leadership skills, a commitment to service and an outstanding interest in all areas of Social Studies.


  1. The Rudi Klobach Memorial Scholarship Award presented to Beverly Passos an outstanding female soccer player who demonstrated high academic achievement, leadership on and off the field, and will be attending a four-year college/university.


  1. The Rowan College at Burlington Community College Challenge Scholarship presented to Morgan Miller who will receive one tuition free year at RCBC.


  1. The Burlington County School Counselors Association “I Care Award” presented to Taylor Washington who has shown unusual caring and humanitarian concern to others in an admirable and unselfish manner.


  1. The Nancy Fanelli Softball Scholarship presented to Christina Arroyo who is a four-year varsity softball player with the highest GPA, displays true sportsmanship and is a dedicated, hardworking team player.


  1. The Bear Essentials Scholarship Awards presented to Alison Saracino, Beverly Passos, Antonio Carollo, and Cody Bowyer, marketing interns who have demonstrated leadership, dedication, responsibility, and initiative while working in the school store.


  1. The Delran Chapter of the National Honor Society Officers Awards presented to Olivia Bilick, Caitlin Cauley, Brenden Rafanello, Kimberly Tran, Robert Wachter, Antonio Carollo, Rosenio Medenilla, its elected officers for their year-long, exemplary service to the organization.


  1. The Delran Chapter of the National Honor Society Senior Awards presented to Julia Ma, Emily Klein, Rachel Boland, Tyler Heffernen, outstanding members of the senior class for their exceptional character, integrity, work-ethic and academic success.


  1. The Delran Chapter of the National Honor Society Service Awards presented to Alison Saracino, Brennen Seville, Michael Allibone, Cody Bowyer, NHS students who gave exemplary service to the organization. Their willing spirits have resulted in a successful year for the benefit of the National Honor Society and the senior class.


  1. The Delran Chapter of the National Honor Society Academic Awards presented to Matthew Schaefer, Lyndsey Guarino, Sarah Lloyd-Slifkin, Taylor Washington, Ethan Kabel recognizing National Honor Society students for their superior academic achievement.


  1. The Delran Yearbook Leadership Awards presented to Megan Croly and Julia Stenn, senior club members who demonstrated creativity, organization, time management, and task delegation in the publication of the “Spirit” yearbook.


  1. The Delran Yearbook Unsung Hero Awards presented to Samantha Araco, Caitlyn Sheltman, members of the club in a nonleadership role and took on extra responsibilities and supported the publication of the “Spirit” yearbook.


  1. The Student Council Scholarship Awards presented to Matthew Heisler and Kimberly Tran for their outstanding leadership and exemplary service to the organization, the Class of 2016 and to DHS.


  1. The Student Council Leadership Awards presented to Nyrobi Barnes, Michael Allibone, and Rosenio Medenilla for their service and leadership to the organization.


  1. The Art Club Award presented to Brianna DeLizzio for her dedication membership, exemplary participation and outstanding leadership to the DHS Art Club.


  1. The Green Team Award presented to Karleigh Haller for her dedication, outstanding leadership, and exemplary participation and service to the club and community.


  1. The French Club Awards presented to Jessica Brown and Leigh Anne Chappell for excellence in the study of the French language and culture for five years and for outstanding contribution of service and leadership to the French Club.


  1. The German Club Award presented to Josephine Garcia for excellence in the study of the German language and culture for five years and for maintaining academic excellence.


  1. The Samuel T. Lambert VFW Post 3020 & Auxiliaries Scholarships presented to Caitlin Cauley, Heather Donnelly, Brian Beck and Berat Gokdemir for their academic achievement and commitment to continuing their education.


  1. The Cinnaminson Lacrosse Club Award presented to Bryce Gifford, lacrosse player who demonstrated success in academics, in the community and on the lacrosse field.  


  1. The Thomas J. Flanagan Memorial Award presented to Robert Wachter, a football player who demonstrated dedication and hard work in academics and on the football field.


  1. The Coach Frank DiLuzio Memorial Scholarship presented to Michael Strohlein for serving as a role model of citizenship and leadership to his peers, the “Unsung Hero” with a spirit of volunteerism and kindness and plans to attend/obtain additional education/vocational training that might include entering military service.


  1. The Karen Banks Education Scholarship presented to Megan McBrearty and Taylor Miller students who will study education at the post-secondary level.


  1. The Senior Class Award presented to the student ranked academically first in the Class of 2016 – Julia Ma.


  1. The Junior Class Award presented to the student ranked academically second in the Class of 2016 – Robert Wachter.


  1. The Sophomore Class Award presented to the student ranked academically third in the Class of 2016 – Brenden Rafanello.


  1. The Freshman Class Award presented to the student ranked academically fourth in the Class of 2016 – Trent Thomas.


DIS Honored for Their Efforts to Fight Childhood Cancer

I recently heard from Mrs. Gonzalez, a teacher at DIS, regarding some initiatives that have taken place at DIS in order to support those with health issues.  Below is her update:

On Thursday, May 19, Delran Intermediate School was honored at the First Annual Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Pennies for Patients Award dinner held in Edison, New Jersey. The event was attended by Mrs. Mignogna, Mrs. Gonzalez, Mr. Caldwell, and Mrs. Rachel Medina. Sitting in that room, we never felt more proud to be a Delran Bear!

Overall, DIS received 5 awards, which included The Loyal Lincoln that was awarded for thirteen years of participation, and a Lifetime Achievement Award for raising over $57,000.00 dollars since 2003 when Mrs. Mignogna first started the program here.  This is something the community of Delran should be extremely proud of. This year alone, Delran raised $6,003.00, putting DIS in the top ten schools across the state.

Each year our students come together to raise money and earn school wide incentives. It is truly a team effort. This year the students earned a school wide “No-Homework” night, a school wide “Pajama Day”, and for hitting their final goal of $6,000.00, they earned the right to “Pie the Principals.”

During the awards dinner, we were lucky enough to hear directly from a student who benefited from the Pennies for Patients campaign herself. In April 2013, Grace, from Rochelle Park, NJ, was rushed to the hospital where she had a CT scan which showed she had two masses in her chest. The biopsy results confirmed that Grace had Hodgkin Lymphoma. In July 2013, after five rounds of chemotherapy Grace went into remission. Grace has returned back to school and is getting back into the swing of things. She plays soccer and is interested in fashion. Grace loves her boas and tiaras; in fact, she is a little fashionista. We were all very inspired by Grace’s strength and perseverance. (see picture below)

We are excited to continue partnering with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and look forward to many more successful campaigns in the future.

DIS Pennies for Patients