Letter to Parents: Power Loss at DMS

Dear DMS Parents and Guardians,

Yesterday afternoon the District reported on its Facebook page and website that there was an electrical fire on a utility pole on Chester Avenue.  That fire was attended to by a team of responders from the Township as well as Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE&G).  The fire resulted in a loss of power to Delran Middle School.

Last evening PSE&G worked to restore power and was successful at approximately 10:45pm.  However, this morning as students were arriving to school Delran Middle School lost power again and continues to be without power.  While we have identified the source of the issue to be an internal one and have contracted qualified services to address the electrical needs, we do not have ability to feed students and will have an Early Closing at 11:30am in order to allow for continued work to take place by our electrical contractors.  Should you have a reason to contact the Principal’s Office you can do so at 856-764-4261.

This morning the academic day was adhered to in order to foster an environment that was as normalized as possible for the students.  I thank the teachers, students, administrators and entire maintenance team at the District for their support and professionalism.

It is our intention to have the issue remediated and to be fully functional in order to resume our academic program and classes on Monday.


BBB Signature

Brian Brotschul, Ed. D.

Superintendent of Schools