Millbridge Earns Bronze Status from Sustainable Jersey

Millbridge Elementary School has been working on developing sustainable practices for years and has embraced the concept of sustainability with its very own Green Team.  The district recently learned that Millbridge Elementary School has earned Bronze Status from Sustainable Jersey.  Read the article from the Cinnaminson Patch HERE.

Information about earning Bronze status can be found HERE.  During September the Millbridge Green Team was recognized by the Delran Township Board of Education for their work and recognition in the area of sustainability.

Congratulations to the entire staff at Millbridge, the Green Team advisors and all of the stakeholders that have contributed to these efforts!

Green Team


BOE Highlights Student, Staff Member and Community Group Excellence at September Regular Public Meeting

During the September 15, 2015 Regular Public Meeting of the Board of Education we took time to honor students staff members and community members alike for their contributions to the district.  Those groups and individuals are below:

2014-2015 Members of Millbridge Elementary School Green Team:

The Millbridge Green Team was recognized for establishing sustainable practices that have been adopted across the district and also recognized by Sustainable Jersey on the state level.  The work of the Millbridge Green Team has earned Bronze Status by Sustainable Jersey.  Due to the example cast by the Millbridge Green Team, the other three schools in the district are preparing to follow suit.  We have our current 3rd graders in the district to thank!

  • Denyse Bieg, Teacher
  • Jaime Murphy, Teacher
  • Dylan Huband
  • Rhian Haller
  • Erin Hutchinson
  • Madison White
  • Olivia Schaeffer
  • Jenn Dolan
  • Cian McLoughlin
  • Mateo Cardoso
  • Olivia Suppin
  • Ethan Bedford
  • Lucas Edwards
  • Mya Jackson
  • Savannah Brooks
  • RJ Olah
  • Micaiah Dunn
  • Olivia Messina
  • Austin Eckhardt
  • Ireland Reynolds
  • Lina Guzlan
  • William Updike
  • Abby Lefferts
  • Ashley Davenport
  • Molly Frith

DHS Student Recognition: Benjamin Pezza is a student at our high school who has earned accolades from the Special Olympics for his contributions to that group and his achievements athletically in the Special Olympics this summer.

  • Benjamin Pezza

DHS Student Recognition:  Phil Rogers has demonstrated excellence by representing Delran High School.  He has earned recognition by the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, Rutgers University Samsung Mobile App Program, and the United States Coast Guard Tall Ship Eagle

  • Phil Rogers

Community Integration and Support Recognition:  Each year the Calvary Church sponsors the school district by feeding the staff during their first day of school.  The District Convocation is the only time all year that the entire staff is together at the same time.  The Calvary Church has fed the district for over ten years and has donated $15,000 over that same time span to support the district.  We are incredibly thankful!

  • Pastor Paul Jackson and Calvary Church

At the September Regular Public Meeting DHS Senior Louis Nocito began his term as the student representative to the Board of Education.

Calvary Green Team Nocito Pezza Rogers