Phil Rogers Accepted to Samsung Mobile Academy at Rutgers University

Phil Rogers, an upcoming 11th grader at Delran High School, recently applied for a chance to attend the Samsung Mobile Academy at Rutgers University in New Brunswick this August.  We are pleased to announce that he was accepted.  This course includes 5 days of instruction in the area of programming and coding for mobile application development.

Additionally, Phil will use self-directed App Academy Online courses, all for FREE.   He is one of 60 students from New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York that has been accepted to attend this top Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) student opportunity for students from our region.  All Samsung Mobile App Academy attendees will receive a Samsung Galaxy Note(R) 10.1 – 2014 Edition tablet and a chance to win up to $20,000 in scholarships!

Congratulations, Phil! Delran is proud of you already.


Mary Jo Hutchinson Appointed by Delran Township Board of Education as K-12 Math Supervisor

Dear Delran Stakeholders,

At a Special Meeting this evening, the Delran Township Board of Education voted unanimously to approve a contract for Mary Jo Hutchinson to serve in the position of K-12 Math Supervisor.  It is truly my pleasure to welcome her to this new role; I support her enthusiastically and without reservation to continue the trend of teacher support and progressive movement towards improving student outcomes that have been fostered by her predecessor over the past eight years.

Since my transition to Delran as your Superintendent of Schools I have collaborated with Mary Jo in many different ways; I have left each encounter more and more impressed with her skill and ability to connect and serve.  It is those values – ‘connecting’ and ‘serving’ that are most important skills for me to promote when recommending a new Supervisor.  I believe that Mary Jo will adapt well in her new role and, above all, allow all of us to grow as it relates to instruction in the area of mathematics.  In addition, Mary Jo will also supervise the Business Department and K-5 Computers.

On behalf of the Delran Township Board of Education, please join me in congratulating Mary Jo for a promotion well earned!

2015-2016 REVISED District Calendar Approved by the Board of Education Supports Project Graduation

Dear Delran Stakeholders,

This evening the Delran Township Board of Education approved a revised 2015-2016 school calendar that amends the graduation date for the Class of 2016 to be June 17, 2016.  Please review the revised calendar HERE and make note of the changes to the Graduation date.


Brian Brotschul, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

Rain Gardens for Recess: Millbridge Earns $2,000 Grant from Sustainable Jersey

I am pleased to announce that last Friday afternoon Millbridge Elementary School was awarded with a $2,000 grant to support the Rain Gardens for Recess: A Green Infrastructure Installation Program to Promote Physical Activity by Sustainable Jersey.  The press release highlights the work at Millbridge Elementary School, among others, with regards to sustainable practices.  This grant will be used to continue to move our District forward with respect to sustainable practices.  However, it only serves as a start.  We are continuing to seek more grant funding resources to support our district initiatives.  In the coming weeks the District will apply for an additional $4,000 to promote student and faculty wellness from Sustainable Jersey as well as a larger grant through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in concert with the Delran Township Green Team on the municipality side as we move into September and October.

Congratulations to the Millbridge Green Team and all who continue to coordinate efforts to increasing our visibility in the challenge to continue our sustainability efforts and, additionally, for those that work tirelessly to secure additional funding to support our work in Delran Township Public Schools.

Educator Evaluation Community Survey

Dear Community Stakeholders:

The Delran Township Board of Education, in conjunction with the District Evaluation Advisory Committee (DEAC), has been conducting action research regarding the manner in which teachers are evaluated and how the work of evaluation is executed by school principals, supervisors, assistant principals and central office personnel.

Since 2011 Delran Township has been using the Danielson Framework of Professional Practice.  Since that time, however, we have learned much about the model and have become informed regarding what the strengths and challenges of the model are.

During the 2014-2015 school year the DEAC has performed action research regarding the Marshall Evaluation Model.  In this model, the focus of the work between an administrator and a teacher is on instructional coaching and moves the focus of the work away from a score and more on instruction, learning and professional growth in a one on one relationship.

The DEAC has developed a short SURVEY if you have thoughts, opinions and insights to share regarding teacher evaluation and what you consider to be important in Delran Township.  Please consider completing it by June 18, 2015.


Brian Brotschul, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

Aubrey Paris Recognized by Delran Township Board of Education for Acceptance into Princeton University Doctoral Program

The Board of Education honored Aubrey Paris last evening with an official resolution in order to commemorate her amazing accomplishments at Ursinus College, University of California at Berkeley, as a Fellow of the Center for Science for the Common Good, as an accepted member of the National Science Foundation as a Fellow in a doctoral Program at Princeton University and, most importantly, as a distinguished alumna of Delran High School Class of 2011.  As the Board of Education has evolved they have committed to honoring the recognition of all of our students as well as our distinguished alumni.  Below are Aubrey’s comments to the staff, students and parents of Delran Township Public Schools:

Good evening, everyone. I am truly honored to be with you tonight as the Delran Board of Education recognizes some of the youngest and brightest talent in the district. Four years ago, I was sitting right where you’re sitting, only it was fifth period and I was having one of my last lunches as a DHS senior. So I should probably tell you a bit about myself. My name is Aubrey Paris and I graduated from Delran High School in 2011. Last month, I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Ursinus College in Pennsylvania with my Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biology, a French minor, and both Chemistry and cross-campus Honors. In September I will begin my pursuit of a Chemistry Ph.D. at Princeton University, where I will study carbon dioxide transformation strategies with the support of a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. During my four years as an undergraduate I became an entrepreneur, a Senior Fellow of a global policy institute, and a summer researcher at the University of California Berkeley. But none of what I have done, or what I will do, has been possible without the people I met and the experiences I had right here in our Delran schools.

            Ever since I was little, my teachers have comprised a very significant group of people that have influenced me both as a student and as a person. I remember having Mr. Parente for sixth grade science at DMS and being introduced to science fair for the first time. To tell you the truth, it was because of Mr. Parente that I began exploring science academically. Fast forward three years and I meet Mr. Petitte here at DHS…He would be the first and eventually the last science teacher I’d have in the high school, and he was the reason I went to college looking to major in Biology. I had Mr. Smith for chemistry, Mr. Fiordimondo for electives like forensic science, and Mr. Romanik for physics and as my bowling coach. And during every break from college I’ve come back to visit them and to listen to how things have progressed here, including the establishment of a new science wing and the construction of a greenhouse for hands-on learning. But it’s not just about the science, of course. Ms. DiCesare in art, Madame Khair for French, Mr. Guzik in math…they were all influential and helped to shape my academic trajectory. So, when I left for Ursinus College in 2011, I hoped to find professors who would be as influential as those teachers I left behind in Delran. And I found them.

So why am I telling you this? Why is it important for you? After all, you have plenty of years ahead of you here in Delran before you even think of what you might do after graduation. Well, I’m telling you my story because that story started right here where you’re sitting. It was during my time as a Delran student that I began taking advantage of opportunities—competing in science fairs, joining clubs, playing sports, and, perhaps most importantly, learning from fantastic teachers and role models…These are the same opportunities that led me to where I am currently. But teachers can’t force students to take advantage of opportunities—I get that—especially if it means adding work to an already-busy schedule. So what do teachers do? (PAUSE) Teachers recognize students’ interests and encourage them to pursue those interests. That’s what makes students willing to take on the responsibilities associated with striving beyond school or state requirements and to explore whatever it is that fascinates them. For me, it’s science policy and alternative energy. What will it be for you?

To the students here, including my cousin John, congratulations on all that you’ve accomplished so far. You should be extremely proud of yourselves, as I know both your parents and the Board of Education are. But so are your teachers, and I sincerely encourage you to take advantage of them as mentors and guides as you continue to succeed in your academic and athletic pursuits. Keep up the great work, and I guarantee you’ll have many more celebratory events like this one to attend in the future. Thank you.


Delran Township Board of Education Honors Student Achievements at June 8, 2015 Regular Public Meeting

The Delran Township Board of Education kept with recent tradition and honored nearly 100 students at the Regular Public Board Meeting last evening.  The honored students are below:

Millbridge Elementary School 2014-2015 PTA Reflections Burlington County Winners:

  • Rebecca Avallone – Visual Arts
  • Ryan Shanahan – Visual Arts
  • Austin Eckhardt – Literature

 Delran Intermediate School Safety Patrol

  • Mrs. Kathryn Schneider
  • Mrs. Lisa Favieri
  • Michelle Animwah
  • Hannah Silva

 Delran Intermediate School – Pennies for Patients

  • Lisa Gonzalez
  • Cindy Mignogna
  • Jason Caldwell
  • Michelle Animwah
  • Natalie Buckousis
  • Dameon Carl
  • Claire Flynn
  • Margaret Flynn
  • Shane Gasper
  • ShelbyHolzinger
  • Skye Jung
  • Christian Locke
  • McKenzie Marshall
  • Connor McComb
  • Eamon McLoughlin
  • Paris Mears
  • Vincent Moore
  • Philip Napoli
  • Joao Pinto
  • Michael Quigley
  • Saakhi Ray
  • Zachery Ruhl
  • Angelina Samara
  • Gavin Smedile
  • Alaina Stellwag
  • Jude Tomaszewski-Finizio
  • Jackson Weber

Delran Middle School Perfect 300 scores on 2013-2014 ASK Test

 Was in Grade 5 now in Grade 6 – Mathematics

  • John Bagonis
  • Alex Beck
  • Sydney Croly
  • Sanya Gupta
  • Taylor Hamlin
  • Nicholas Lord
  • Arjun Mannan
  • Riley Reynolds
  • Holly Schappell

Was in Grade 6 now in Grade 7 – Language Arts

  • Colin Kremus

Was in Grade 6 now in  Grade 7 – Mathematics

  • Ethan Chou
  • Colin Kremus
  • Tyler Leroy
  • Justin Ma
  • Tulsi Patel
  • Dominic Sorrentino
  • Abbigale Stockl
  • Ryan Wachter

Was in Grade 7 now in Grade 8 – Mathematics

  • Alexandra Azoulay
  • Adam Dorfman
  • Katherine Taveras

 Delran High School

  • Nicole DeLizzio – Teen Arts winner in Fine Arts

Delran High School Athletic awards

  • Brennan Ryan- NJSIAA Scholar Athlete Award Winner
  • Madeleine Tattory- BCSL Sportsmanship Award Winner
  • Bryce Gifford- BCSL 1st Team Liberty Division for Goalie in Boys’ Lacrosse
  • Kyle Groark- BCSL 2nd Team Liberty Division for Attack in Boys’ Lacrosse
  • Arianna Quinlan- BCSL 2nd Team Liberty Division for Midfielder in Girls’ Lacrosse
  • Gabriella Sousa- BCSL 2nd Team Liberty Division for Attack in Girls’ Lacrosse
  • Paulo Claure- BCSL 1st Team Freedom Division at 1st Singles for Boys’ Tennis
  • Marco Guerrero- BCSL 1st Team Freedom Division at 2nd Singles for Boys’ Tennis
  • Eric Hoeflich- BCSL 1st Team Freedom Division at 3rd Singles for Boys’ Tennis
  • Rishi Patel- BCSL 1st Team Freedom Division at 1st Doubles for Boys’ Tennis
  • Dorian Klodnicki- BCSL 1st Team Freedom Division at 1st Doubles for Boys’ Tennis
  • Nicholas Hackimer- BCSL 1st Team Freedom Division at 2nd Doubles for Boys’ Tennis
  • Christian Safka- BCSL 1st Team Freedom Division at 2nd Doubles for Boys’ Tennis
  • Kevin Zataveski- BCSL 1st Team Patriot Division in Track and Field for Discus
  • Emma Blosfelds- BCSL 1st Team Patriot Division in Track and Field for High Jump
  • Cheyanne Kaluhiokalani- BCSL 1st Team Patriot Division in Track and Field for Pole Vault
  • Ellie Segan- BCSL 1st Team Patriot Division in Track and Field for 3200 Meter Run
  • Jada Grisson- BCSL 1st Team Patriot Division in Track and Field for 100 Meter Dash
  • Madeleine Tattory- BCSL 1st Team Patriot Division in Track and Field for 1600 Meter Run
  • Quinn Reynolds- BCSL 1st Team Patriot Division in Track and Field as a Utility Player
  • Nyrobi Barnes- BCSL 2nd Team Patriot Division in Track and Field for Discus
  • Josephine Garcia- BCSL 2nd Team Patriot Division in Track and Field for Javelin
  • Jillian Hickey- BCSL 2nd Team Patriot Division in Track and Field as a Utility Player
  • Alexis Rider – BCSL 1st Team Patriot Division in Softball for infielder
  • Christine Arroyo- BCSL 1st Team Patriot Division in Softball for infielder
  • Shayna Wiggins- BCSL 1st Team Patriot Division in Softball for catcher
  • Alexandra Sarnese- BCSL 2nd Team Patriot Division in Softball for Outfielder
  • Rebecca Howard- BCSL 2nd Team Patriot Division in Softball for Outfielder
  • Benjamin Youngberg- BCSL 1st Team Patriot Division in Baseball for catcher
  • Brendan Pell- BCSL 1st Team Patriot Division in Baseball for Infielder
  • Troy Hunter- BCSL 2nd Team Patriot Division in Baseball for pitcher
  • Luke Smith- BCSL 2nd Team Patriot Division in Baseball for Infielder
  • Jacob Gatti- BCSL 2nd Team Patriot Division in Baseball for outfielder
  • Bryan Fernandes – BCSL 1st Team Freedom Division in Golf; BCSL Golf Tournament winner

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DHS Awards Evening: Recognized Students and Photographs

On June 4, 2015 Delran High School held its annual awards night honoring scores of students and awarding over $25,000 in scholarships.  Click on the links below to see the award winners and, additionally, photos of recognized students.

Special recognition goes out to Lauren Williams, the Valedictorian for the DHS Class of 2015.  

There is so much to celebrate – peruse the links above!