Transition to Delran: November 10, 2014

I am happy to announce that my first day in Delran as its Superintendent of Schools will be November 10, 2014.

On September 9, I was formally appointed by the Delran Township Board of Education to serve as it’s Superintendent of Schools. Hours after that meeting I officially resigned my current leadership position in North Brunswick and began the process of separation and preparing that organization to continue their work.

Since offering notice of separation I have assisted in the process of identifying a successor. Concurrently, I also began the process of transitioning to Delran as it’s Superintendent of Schools. Nearly one month into my two month transition, I have met with many stakeholders and learned much about what makes the District and the town of Delran an attractive place to live and learn.

During the last month I have attended six Open House sessions at all four District schools and have witnessed the positive energy and loyalty that is associated with education in Delran. Each of the sessions at the respective schools were very well attended and offered proof positive that parents in Delran are both well informed and positively engaged in the process of their child’s education. In short, the level of engagement was spectacular to see and reaffirms my interest in leading such an engaged and involved group of stakeholders.

In addition to Open House sessions I also attended Delran Day at Holy Cross High School. Spending time in an informal setting with business owners and civic leaders allowed me to continue to establish a sense of what drives the residents and businesses in Delran. Throughout the day there was an overwhelming sense of pride and involvement in establishing connections with one another.

Having the opportunity to connect with business owners, civic leaders, performance groups, religious organizations and children of the district allowed me to learn about their goals and interests while on their “turf.”

Delran Day allowed me to make great contacts and to establish future meetings with these folks in order to strengthen ties to the District with the shared goal of supporting the students we collectively serve. I look forward to discussing the outcomes from those meetings in the future.

I have also begun the process of transition in concert with Joe Miller, who has been leading the District since July. I have been apprised of all items of academics, finances, facilities and personnel and have found the District well positioned for future success. The strengths and challenges have all been noted and will be addressed in my official transition plan.

Likewise, Joe and I also travelled together extensively in Delran. This time offered great context to the composition of the community. Delran seems to put its best foot forward – all day, everyday.

Joe will continue in this role of transition during the week of November 10. His last day in this role will be November 14.

As we move into October, and closer to November 10, I look forward to meeting with school leaders, teachers and students as I continue to learn about the culture in Delran and establish a context of leadership geared to continuing the positive programs and identifying innovative ways to impact the quality of teaching, learning and leadership in Delran Township Public Schools.

Shortly before Thanksgiving I will offer my initial report regarding the status of the District and articulate the vision of the Transition Plan to all stakeholders in the PAC at Delran High School. Specifics regarding that event will be forthcoming.

I look forward to seeing many of you as we begin our work together. In the meantime, feel free to comment on this blog or follow @Delran_Super on Twitter.